2017 Book List

42) New York 2140. Kim Stanley Robinson. Four stars.

41) The Tethered Mage. Melissa Caruso. Four stars.

40) The Court of Broken Knives. Anna Smith Spark. Three stars.

39) Voice of Mars. Glynn Stewart. Three stars.

38) Hand of Mars. Glynn Stewart. Three stars.

37) Starship's Mage. Glynn Stewart. Four stars.

36) Kill Team. Jason Anspach, Nick Cole. Four stars.

35) Mark of Fire. Richard Phillips. Three stars.

34) Tyrant's Throne. Sebastien de Castellani. Four stars.

33) The Dragons of Nova. Elise Kova. Three stars.

32) The Shootist. Glendon Swarthout. Four stars.

31) Nobody. William D. Richards. Three stars.

30) Galactic Outlaws. Jason Anspach, Nick Cole. Four stars.

29) Unseemly Science. Rod Duncan. Four stars.

28) The Red Sword. Michael Wallace. Four stars.

27) The Bullet Catcher's Daughter. Rod Duncan. Five stars.

26) Legionnaire. Jason Anspach, Nick Cole. Four stars.

25) Song of Edmon. Adam Butch. Four stars.

24) The Iron Dragon's Daughter. Michael Swanick. Five point zero zero one stars.

23) Three Dark Crowns. Kendare Blake. Four stars.

22) No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished. Rachel Aaron. Four stars.

21) The Spirit Eater. Rachel Aaron. Five stars.

20) The Spirit Rebellion. Rachel Aaron. Five stars.

19) The Spirit Thief. Rachel Aaron. Five stars.

18) The Man of Legends. Kenneth Johnson. Four stars.

17) Jack of Shadows. Roger Zelazny. Five stars.

16) Broken Angels. Richard K Morgan. Four stars.

15) The Wayfarer. John March. Three stars.

14) The Alchemists of Loom. Elise Kova. Four stars.

13) The Siege of Abythos. Phil Tucker. Three stars.

12) Born in Fire. K.F. Breene. Four stars.

11) For the Birds. Angela Roquet. Three stars.

10) Pocket Full of Posies. Angela Roquet. Three stars.

9) Graveyard Shift. Angela Roquet. Three stars.

8) The Hundredth Queen. Emily King. Four stars.

7) The Cold Commands. Richard K Morgan. Four stars.

6) The Steel Remains. Richard K Morgan. Five stars.

5) Altered Carbon. Richard K Morgan. Five stars.

4) Extracted. RR Haywood. Three stars.

3) First Lensman. E. E. "Doc" Smith. Five stars.

2) Triplanetary. E.E. "Doc" Smith. Five stars.

1) The Plague of Swords. Miles Cameron. Four stars.

2016 Book List

62) Into the Black. Evan Currie. Three stars.

61) The Graveyard Book. Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell. Five stars. Of course.

60) Cephrael's Hand. Melissa McPhail. Four stars.

59) Earth Alone. Daniel Arenson. Two stars.

58) Fortune's Rising. Sara King. Four stars.

57) Doomsday Duet. CJ Carella. Two stars.

56) Ocean of Storms. Christopher Mari and Jeremy K. Brown. Three stars.

55) The Queen of the Tearling. Erika Johansen. Three stars.

54) Freehold. Michael Z. Wiiliamson. Two stars.

53) Armageddon Girl. CJ Carella. Three stars.

52) The Guns of Empire. Django Wexler. Three stars.

51) A Crown for Cold Silver. Alex Marshall. Four stars.

50) The Vagrant. Peter Newman. Four stars.

49) Saint's Blood. Sebastien de Castel. Four stars.

48) A Princess of Mars. Edgar Rice Burroughs. Four stars.

47) The Knight's Shadow. Sebastien de Castel. Four stars.

46) The Wretched of Muirwood. Jeff Wheeler. Two stars.

45) Noa's Ark. C. Gockel. Three stars.

44) Archangel Down. C. Gockel. Three stars.

43) The Unbroken Line of the Moon. Johanne Hildebrandt. Four stars.

42) The Woodcutter. Kate Danley. Five stars.

41) The Painted Boy. Charles de Lint. Four stars.

40) The Black Shriving. Phil Tucker. Three stars.

39) The Path of Flames. Phil Tucker. Three stars.

38) Detective Strongoak and the Case of the Dead Elf. Terry Newman. Four stars.

37) The Paladin Caper. Patrick Weekes. Four stars.

36) Unsouled. Will Wright. Three stars.

35) The Dragon's Egg. David Wells. Three stars.

34) The Prophecy Con. Patrick Weekes. Four stars.

33) One Good Dragon Deserves Another. Rachel Aaron. Four stars.

32) Nice Dragons Finish Last. Rachel Aaron. Four stars.

31) The Palace Job. Patrick Weekes. Five stars.

30) Lines of Departure. Marko Kloos. Three stars.

29) Terms of Enlistment. Marko Kloos. Four stars.

28) The Temporary Agent. Daniel Judson. Three stars.

27) East of West, Volume One: The Promise. Jonathan Hickman. Five stars.

26) Duskfall:Chaos Queen 1. Christopher Husberg. Three stars.

25) Decopunk: The Spirit of the Age. Thomas A Easton and Judith K Dial, ed. Three stars.

24) Poor Man's Fight. Elliott Kay. Four stars.

23) Silver on the Road. Laura Anne Gilman. Four stars.

22) Enemy. K Eason. Four stars.

21) Traitor's Blade. Sebastien de Castell. Four stars.

20) A Plain-Dealing Villain. Craig Schaefer. Four Stars.

19) A Dirty Job. Christopher Moore. Four Stars.

18) The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle). Maggie Stiefvater. Three Stars.

17) The Tyrant's Law. Daniel Abraham. Four Stars.

16) The Queen's Poisoner (The Kingfountain Series). Jeff Wheeler. Three Stars.

15) The Living End. Craig Schaefer. Four Stars.

14) Redemption Song. Craig Schaefer. Four Stars.

13) The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle). Maggie Stiefvater. Three Stars.

12) The Dread Wyrm (The Traitor Son Cycle). Miles Cameron. Four Stars.

11) The Fell Sword (The Traitor Son Cycle). Miles Cameron. Four Stars.

10) The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle). Miles Cameron. Four Stars.

9) Dark Angel (Witches of Cleopatra Hill, Book 1). Christine Pope. Three Stars.

8) World's Edge. Ryan Kirk. Four Stars.

7) Chosen. Christine Pope. Two Stars.

6) Dawn of Wonder. Jonathan Renshaw. Four Stars.

5) The Long Way Down. Craig Schaefer. Four Stars.

4) City of Wonders: Seven Forges. James A Moore. Four stars.

3) Harmony Black. Craig Schaefer. Four stars.

2) The King's Blood. Daniel Abraham. Four stars.

1) The Song of Achilles. Madeline Miller. Five stars.

2015 Book List

27) Ancillary Justice. Ann Leckie. Three stars.

26) The Blasted Landa: Seven Forges. James A Moore. Four stars

25) Seven Forges. James A Moore. Four stars.

24) Call to Arms (Black Fleet Trilogy). Joshua Dalzelle. Three stars.

23) The Dragon's Path. Daniel Abraham. Four stars.

22) Life in Ancient China. JAG Roberts. Two stars.

21) Warship (Black Fleet Trilogy). Joshua Dalzelle. Three stars.

20) The Lost Fleet: Fearless. Jack Campbell. Four stars

19) The Lost Fleet: Dauntless. Jack Campbell. Four stars.

18) Post Human Series 1-4. David Simpson. Three stars.

17) Nightblade. Ryan Kirk. Three and a half stars.

16) Twelve Kings in Sharakhai. Bradley P. Beaulieu. Four stars.

15) Son of the Black Sword (Saga of the Forgotten Warrior Book One). Larry Correia. Four stars.

14) Gateway to Fourline. Pam Brondos. Two stars.

13) Willful Child. Steven Erikson. Two stars.

12) Created, the Destroyer. Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. Four stars.

11) The Ouroboros Cycle, Book One: A Monster's Coming of Age. G.D. Falksen. Three stars.

10) The Cinder Spires: the Aeronaut's Windlass. Jim Butcher. Five stars.

9) The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake. William Blake. Four stars.

8) The Magicians: A Novel (Magicians Trilogy). Lev Grossman. Four stars.

7) The Price of Valor: Book Three of the Shadow Campaigns. Django Wexler. Four stars.

6) The Code of Hammurabi. (Translation by) L. W. King. Three stars.

5) Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters. C. H. W. (Claude Hermann Walter) Johns. Three stars.

4) Fluency (Confluence Book 1). Jennifer Foehner Wells. Three stars.

3) Ready Player One. Ernest Cline. Three stars.

2) The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble's Braids (Amra Thetys Series). Michael McClung. Four stars.

1) Chinese Landscapes: The Village As Place. Ronald G. Knapp. Four stars.

2014 Book List

1. "This Tree Grows Out of Hell: Mesoamerica and the Search for the Magical Body." Nonfiction. Ptolemy Tompkins. Four Stars.
2. "Bushido: The Soul of Japan." Nonfiction. Inazo Nitobe. Three Stars.
3. "Red Seas Under Red Skies." Fantasy. Scott Lynch. Three Stars.
4. "The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York". Nonfiction. Deborah Blum. Four Stars.
5. "Popol Vuh". Nonfiction. Dennis Tedlock. Three Stars.
6. "Emperor of Thorns". Science Fantasy. Mark Lawrence. Five Stars.
7. "Code of the Samurai: a Modern Translation of the Bushido Shoshinsu". Philosophy. Thomas Cleary. Three Stars.
8. "A Dictionary of World Mythology". Reference. Arthur Cotterell. Three Stars.
9. "City of Pearl". Science Fiction. Karen Traviss. Four Stars.
10. "Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World." Nonfiction. Lynn V. Foster. Four Stars.
11. "I Bring the Fire, Part One: Wolves". Modern Fantasy. C. Gockel. Three Stars.
12. "Monsters: I Bring the Fire, Part Two". Modern Fantasy. C. Gockel. Three Stars.
13. "Chaos: I Bring the Fire, Part Three". Modern Fantasy. C. Gockel. Three Stars.
14. "Probability Moon". Science Fiction. Nancy Kress. Four Stars for well written, Two Stars for " aligns with my worldview".
15. "The Incrementalists". Modern Fantasy. Steven Brust and Skyler White. Three Stars.
16. "The Shadow Throne". Fantasy. Django Wexler. Three Stars.
17.  "The Emporer's Blades". Fantasy. Brian Staveley. Three Stars.
18. "The Goblin Emperor". Fantasy. Katherine Addison. Four Stars.
19. "Foreign Devils on the Silk Road: the search for the lost treasures of Central Asia". Nonfiction. Peter Hopkirk. Three Stars.

















One Star: somebody should have paid me to read this, is was so bad.
Two Stars: skip it.
Three Stars: worth reading once / paperback.
Four Stars: worth reading more than once / hardback.
Five Stars: one of the best examples of what kind of book it is.



2013 Book List

1. "Leviathan Wakes". Science fiction. James S.A. Corey. Three stars.
2. "Secrets of the Fire Sea". Fantasy. Stephen Hunt. Three stars.
3. "The Lies of Locke Lamora". Fantasy. Scott Lynch. Four stars.
4. "Full Share". Science Fiction. Nathan Lowell. Four stars.
5. "Nineteen Eighty-Four". Fiction. George Orwell. Four stars.
6. "Double Share". Science Fiction. Nathan Lowell. Four stars.
7. "Prince of Thorns". Fantasy. Mark Lawrence. Four stars.
8. "King of Thorns". Fantasy. Mark Lawrence. Three stars.
9. "The Forever War". Science Fiction. Joe Haldeman. Four stars.
10. "Understanding Zen". Philosophy.  Nejamin Radcliff and Amy Radcliff. Four stars.
11. "The Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam". Nonfiction. Bernard Lewis. Three stars.
12. "Dark Tongues: The Art of Rogues and Riddlers". Nonfiction. Daniel Heller-Roazen. Three stars.
13. "The Thousand Names". Fantasy. Django Wexler. Four stars.
14. "Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods". Nonfiction. Dimitri Meeks, Christine Favard-Meeks. Four stars.
15. "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere". Nonfiction. A. Westbrook and O. Ratti. Three stars.
16. "Religions of Mesoamerica: Cosmovision and ceremonial centers". Nonfiction. David Carrasco. Three stars.
17. "Illicit: How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy". Nonfiction. Moises Naim. Four stars.
18. "Prisoner's Dilemma: John von Neumann, Game Theory, and the Puzzle of the Bomb". Nonfiction. William Poundstone. Three stars.