T Streich (sweetbaboo) wrote,
T Streich

2014 Book List

1. "This Tree Grows Out of Hell: Mesoamerica and the Search for the Magical Body." Nonfiction. Ptolemy Tompkins. Four Stars.
2. "Bushido: The Soul of Japan." Nonfiction. Inazo Nitobe. Three Stars.
3. "Red Seas Under Red Skies." Fantasy. Scott Lynch. Three Stars.
4. "The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York". Nonfiction. Deborah Blum. Four Stars.
5. "Popol Vuh". Nonfiction. Dennis Tedlock. Three Stars.
6. "Emperor of Thorns". Science Fantasy. Mark Lawrence. Five Stars.
7. "Code of the Samurai: a Modern Translation of the Bushido Shoshinsu". Philosophy. Thomas Cleary. Three Stars.
8. "A Dictionary of World Mythology". Reference. Arthur Cotterell. Three Stars.
9. "City of Pearl". Science Fiction. Karen Traviss. Four Stars.
10. "Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World." Nonfiction. Lynn V. Foster. Four Stars.
11. "I Bring the Fire, Part One: Wolves". Modern Fantasy. C. Gockel. Three Stars.
12. "Monsters: I Bring the Fire, Part Two". Modern Fantasy. C. Gockel. Three Stars.
13. "Chaos: I Bring the Fire, Part Three". Modern Fantasy. C. Gockel. Three Stars.
14. "Probability Moon". Science Fiction. Nancy Kress. Four Stars for well written, Two Stars for " aligns with my worldview".
15. "The Incrementalists". Modern Fantasy. Steven Brust and Skyler White. Three Stars.
16. "The Shadow Throne". Fantasy. Django Wexler. Three Stars.
17.  "The Emporer's Blades". Fantasy. Brian Staveley. Three Stars.
18. "The Goblin Emperor". Fantasy. Katherine Addison. Four Stars.
19. "Foreign Devils on the Silk Road: the search for the lost treasures of Central Asia". Nonfiction. Peter Hopkirk. Three Stars.

















One Star: somebody should have paid me to read this, is was so bad.
Two Stars: skip it.
Three Stars: worth reading once / paperback.
Four Stars: worth reading more than once / hardback.
Five Stars: one of the best examples of what kind of book it is.


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