T Streich (sweetbaboo) wrote,
T Streich

2017 Book List

42) New York 2140. Kim Stanley Robinson. Four stars.

41) The Tethered Mage. Melissa Caruso. Four stars.

40) The Court of Broken Knives. Anna Smith Spark. Three stars.

39) Voice of Mars. Glynn Stewart. Three stars.

38) Hand of Mars. Glynn Stewart. Three stars.

37) Starship's Mage. Glynn Stewart. Four stars.

36) Kill Team. Jason Anspach, Nick Cole. Four stars.

35) Mark of Fire. Richard Phillips. Three stars.

34) Tyrant's Throne. Sebastien de Castellani. Four stars.

33) The Dragons of Nova. Elise Kova. Three stars.

32) The Shootist. Glendon Swarthout. Four stars.

31) Nobody. William D. Richards. Three stars.

30) Galactic Outlaws. Jason Anspach, Nick Cole. Four stars.

29) Unseemly Science. Rod Duncan. Four stars.

28) The Red Sword. Michael Wallace. Four stars.

27) The Bullet Catcher's Daughter. Rod Duncan. Five stars.

26) Legionnaire. Jason Anspach, Nick Cole. Four stars.

25) Song of Edmon. Adam Butch. Four stars.

24) The Iron Dragon's Daughter. Michael Swanick. Five point zero zero one stars.

23) Three Dark Crowns. Kendare Blake. Four stars.

22) No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished. Rachel Aaron. Four stars.

21) The Spirit Eater. Rachel Aaron. Five stars.

20) The Spirit Rebellion. Rachel Aaron. Five stars.

19) The Spirit Thief. Rachel Aaron. Five stars.

18) The Man of Legends. Kenneth Johnson. Four stars.

17) Jack of Shadows. Roger Zelazny. Five stars.

16) Broken Angels. Richard K Morgan. Four stars.

15) The Wayfarer. John March. Three stars.

14) The Alchemists of Loom. Elise Kova. Four stars.

13) The Siege of Abythos. Phil Tucker. Three stars.

12) Born in Fire. K.F. Breene. Four stars.

11) For the Birds. Angela Roquet. Three stars.

10) Pocket Full of Posies. Angela Roquet. Three stars.

9) Graveyard Shift. Angela Roquet. Three stars.

8) The Hundredth Queen. Emily King. Four stars.

7) The Cold Commands. Richard K Morgan. Four stars.

6) The Steel Remains. Richard K Morgan. Five stars.

5) Altered Carbon. Richard K Morgan. Five stars.

4) Extracted. RR Haywood. Three stars.

3) First Lensman. E. E. "Doc" Smith. Five stars.

2) Triplanetary. E.E. "Doc" Smith. Five stars.

1) The Plague of Swords. Miles Cameron. Four stars.
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